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DEETOX is a brand new way to get motivated, inspired and  confidently propel yourself into action. DEETOX is also proof that there is an easier way to end the lethargy, procrastination and boredom that can come from feeling stuck. I will share all of my success secrets with you and in thirty days I guarantee you will be confidently making decisions, taking action effortlessly and feeling genuinely excited about the future.  


End lethargy. Find energy.

There is nothing worse than feeling lethargic and uninspired about where you are.  Being stuck in a rut, you will discover, is only a symptom of a different challenge.  What is really keeping you stuck?  I can guarantee you it is a fear of some sort.  During DEETOX you will find out what that fear is and deal with it once and for all.

Stop waitingStart doing.  

Discover the fears, limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns that have been causing you to hesitate, procrastinate and delay taking action. Described as a 'power shower for your brain', you will clean away the thinking and habits that are keeping you playing small.

Walk away with a clear plan of action to achieve your goals and experience the confidence that comes with knowing exactly what, how and when you will take action.  

Find confidence and motivation.

Meet Dee and find out more about DEETOX

Dee is the Stevie Award - Women in Business Coach of the Year for 2018 and she has successfully coached hundreds of people, from all over the world, through the also award winning DEETOX challenge. You could be one of the next DEETOX graduates to experience this life changing program.


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More about Dee

Dee is the Stevie Award Coach of the Year 2018, two times international best selling author and experienced senior leader.  After spending 20 years in the corporate world she decided to pursue her passion of coaching and now specialises in helping entrepreneurs build be+you+tiful brands and profitable businesses they are proud of.  Dee is also a digital nomad having designed an entirely online business so that she can travel the world with her partner Maurizio.  Known for her straightforward and honest coaching style she is highly rated because she delivers quick and sustainable results.

Get access to the full 30 day DEETOX program including videos from Dee, daily homework and the DEETOX Facebook community.  This is the best option for you if you prefer to learn independently and don't need to access our weekly group coaching calls.

Self Study 


€ 147

As well as including everything in the 'Self Study' package the 'Supported' DEETOX includes access to weekly group coaching calls where you can dial in to get ask questions and get feedback from Dee directly.  Great if you like more interaction and support.



€ 247

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"I can't thank you enough for allowing me on this journey with you. It truly has been life changing, not just for myself, but my husband and children around the world. I am so much more confident to put myself out there and getting my message about keep children safe. You will probably never get to see the impact of that, as I don't always get to hear about what impact I'm making, but together we are changing the world. Bless you!"

Holly-Ann Martin

"Dee will not just change your life. She'll help you change YOU from the inside-out.  If you haven't signed up for Dees 30 day DEETOX program, stop everything to beg her to be on the next one. But be careful - your life won't ever be the same again. I cannot recommend Dee highly enough. This woman will care about you more than all of your family combined. 

Sarah Cordiner

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